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A Creative Solution for the Disabled Driver

People living with severe disabilities, especially wheelchair-users, must often find creative solutions to life's everyday obstacles. "The Pump Guide" is a collaboration between the nonprofit sector, business, and government that solves a problem created by the growth of self-serve gas stations. For the disabled driver, fueling a car or van can be difficult if not impossible. That mechanical process can intimidate drivers who choose not to travel in Michigan due to "fear of fueling".

Over 800 Participating Michigan Gas Stations

Developed by the Michigan Paralyzed Veterans of America (MPVA) through a partnership with the members of the Michigan Petroleum Association, "The Pump Guide" is a free site that gives those drivers new confidence and independence. It lists over 800 Michigan gas stations that submitted info with the message "We're ready to help". With this information, a driver can plot a route throughout the state knowing that there is a friendly fill-up waiting anywhere from Monroe to Marquette.

Full Pump Service at Self-Serve Prices

The listings are provided voluntarily by gas stations and often include the station's hours of service, any special instructions, and other available amenities such as a snack shop or ATM. Drivers who display a state-issued license plate or window placard identifying themselves as disabled are eligible for full pump service at self-serve pricing, as described in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Since its debut, MPVA's "The Pump Guide" has earned praise for improving lives by encouraging personal independence. MPVA is a 45-year-old veterans service organization whose members are honorably discharged veterans with spinal cord injuries or diseases, including ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) or Multiple Sclerosis. Most MPVA members rely on wheelchairs, scooters and other assistive devices for mobility. They are among 800,000 residents embraced by the MPVA mission that promotes the highest possible quality of life for any person coping with disability.

"The Pump Guide" has been singled out by Michigan's Secretary of State as a valuable tool for residents. The Secretary of State's office includes information about our services in its mailings to drivers and at offices statewide.

Contact Us!

If your gas station isn't listed, please tell them about the program. If you discover a listed gas station not living up to their agreement, contact Michael Harris at 1-800-638-MPVA (in Michigan), 248-476-9000 or email your feedback to us here.

Sign up here if you are a gas station operator who would like to be included in our list. For more information on MPVA, visit online at www.michiganpva.org.

Thank you for visiting "The Pump Guide", we hope it opens new avenues and opportunities for any resident who needs and deserves friendly assistance at the gas pump.

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